Dutch Design Week 2013


Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven for HuisVeendam
The rural town Veendam has a rich history of potato starch production. The humble potato was the start of  a large value chain resulting in countless products, most often fully biodegradable. With the rise of oil this value chain diminished drastically and much knowledge and experience was lost.
Now the petrochemical value chain is troublesome and ending there is a revival of this potato starch technology. Due to modern technology and improved analysis the possibilities of the biological adhesive are plentiful and often even more effective than its synthetic opposite.

To emphasize the success of this biodegradable product HuisVeendam designs new applications for potato starch. For HuisVeendam designer Tjeerd Veenhoven selected 120 organic waste streams and turned them to a collection of biolaminates. This product is fully biodegradable en applicable on walls, objects and in future also flooring. The excellent adhesive properties of starch can upgrade the value of organic waste and kickstart new value chains which are more transparent and sustainable.Dutch Design Week 2013.

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