Groningen City Sea Delta


History and brief outline of the situation

The former sugar beet processing plant created a unique nature reserve with a wide variety of flora and fauna, a stone’s throw from the city center of Groningen. a well-protected habitat created by the departure of the factory is rapidly disappearing. The main reason for the loss of biodiversity that is the lack of artificial tides in the area. Willows and nettles now replace a remarkable variety of birds and other wildlife.

Our idea

With our plan, we want an ‘urban sea delta area’ for Groningen create by reducing the necessary ebb and flow system. By regulating the water level we present domination of willow and nettles against and bring the water and feeding grounds in motion. This again we create an environment where high biodiversity can prosper. Also it gives us the ability to maintain the water temperature and the overall water quality.


We see this City Sea Delta as a place of unique recreational, educational and natural science qualities that can take a very special place in the city of Groningen.

Realisation and support

A major driver of the regional economy is the new sugar factory in Hoogkerk where large amounts of beets are processed into sugar. The enormous amount of vegetable waste that the factory creates is currently already successfully and profitably as biomass into energy. Some of this biomass can be utilised for biogas installations on the City Sea Delta area.

The bio-digester is a concept is testing using a simple technique. By the fermentation of biomass arises methane gas having substantially the same quality and energy value as natural gas. For example, a biogas installation could be placed in an old basin of the former flow field, hidden from view, inexpensive by placing the modest intervention. This provides enough energy / money for the realisation of our plan as well as a good and green business model for the municipality as a gas supplier. De Gemeente Groningen can buy a share of this renewable energy.

In collaboration with

Ennio Vicenzoni en Annemarie van den Berg

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