2012- onwards

HuisVeendam is an unique initiative that promotes and visualizes properties of potato starch. Once it was the driving force behind this regional development of the North. The rural riches of the North of Holland evaporated with the arrival of oil. A long tradition of natural fiber and potato starch technology disappeared.

A series of products designed by Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven shows its great potential. From studio prototypes in which we applied this this laminate in car interiors to table tops made from all sort of materials. During the Dutch Design Week in EIndhoven we showed a library of 120 different organic waste streams turned to bio-laminates. For more information please visit or email to

Due to the upcoming BioBased Economy in the North, the remarkable properties of starch are rediscovered and modified to offer sustainable solutions. HuisVeendam has given direction in this innovation by a few very concrete products. In combination with a dozen of organic residual, potato starch is used as the base for a new flooring, wall and object material.


Architects/Interior architects:

Please contact Baars&Bloemhoff for samples, / 040-298 43 00


For custom designs and specials please contact:

Tjeerd Veenhoven – Founder/Senior designer –

Erik Slor – Founder/Creative technology –

Koos Slor – Founder/Business director –

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