OperationRoom OfTheFuture

The flexible Operating room, the future OR


The flexible OR doesn’t stand alone, it’s a part of the entire hospital. We want to create an ENVIRONMENT in which the flexible OR can function most EFFICIENT To do so we first have to start by shaping it’s surroundings, it’s environment.

We looked at the MODULAR greenhouse for inspiration. An efficient architecture than can support many of our needs in the flexible OR. In regard to the patient, the staff, the surgeon, technicians  and family. Because they all benefit from the transparency the greenhouse offers

Transparency brings clarity

CLARITY  is needed to communicate. To us it is not clear why we build with bricks and sheet rock. Especially because our social structure is so complex. And even more so in an hospital environment. We want to bring back BODY LANGUAGE to simplify communication. A chance to enhance our empathy and our intuition . Therefore glass is our solution.

Glass is CLEAN and MULTIFUNCTIONAL. We can INFLUENCE the amount of the transparency of every glass panel used. We create an open space (shell) or a private room by the flick of a switch. We offer the staff  a TRANSPARANT corridor or a SECLUDED interview room. In the operating room we use the glass to PROJECT on and are thankful that it is easy to clean. We can COMMUNICATE with our supply lines and our technicians by a simple wave or wink.  We want to see NATURE and bring it’s calming light inside of our hospital. Glass allows us to use space more flexible. Glass brings clarity.

If  our body is an engine than our doctor is our mechanic. Engine problems need to be diagnosed, correct procedures discussed, right tools for the job selected. All important communication which we simplify with glass instead of brick walls.

By simplifying the communication and selecting our favorite building material we can design a new Operating Room. An OR of the future where we also integrated the future technological advances in diagnostics, medicine, anesthesia, endoscopy and robotics! But we also cleaned up the OR by redesigning products, allowing future technology to solve atmospheric lightning, trash management, storage and information.

Information overflow is our Achilles heel, we can only absorb so much. Nevertheless we cannot do without. To be efficient and flexible we need all information. On demand we introduce.

“For your eyes only”

Information, when you need it, where you need it. In your eyes or on the glass wall, in mid-air or projected on your patient. But just the information you need to perform optimal.  Augmented reality is our future, guiding us in an ever more complicated world where we have to SIMPLIFY AND CLARIFY

This all to create a FLEXIBLE Operation Room in the future

Initiated by Platform Gras and the Academic University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG)

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